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Below you can read the Service Contract for a hacking service related to financial products, such as: debts, credit reports, etc. Please, do not request this service if you still have unanswered questions or there is something you don't understand. In that case, contact with us in the very first place and ask your questions.


This service has a base price, which is a fixed amount that will always be charged to everyone who hires it. This base price is the amount we charge for hacking into the system where your debt or credit report is stored, and will be as follows:


But in addition to the base price stated above, you will have to pay a fee for each thing you want to do. The prices will be indicated below:

Clear a debt: If you have problems or can't pay a debt, we can clear it. There are two ways to do this: mark it as paid, or erase it as if had never existed. Both ways are totally safe and efficient. Technically, there are no differences. It will depend on the taste of each client to do it in one way or another.
The price we charge for it is 10% of the total value of the debt to be cleared. To calculate this percentage, you just need to divide the value of the debt by 10.
It is a requirement to know the value of your debt since the price of our service depends on it. If you don't know how much it is, call the bank or institution with which you have the debt and ask them.

Example: To clear a debt of $ 1,750 dollars, its 10% woule be $ 175 dollars. To this value, you must add the base price: $ 250 dollars. The total price would then be $ 425 dollars.

Credit bureau report: If you have a negative report in a credit bureau, we can remove it, so that when any person or organization searches your name in the credit bureaus database, they won't see anything negative about you. The price for this will be $ 75 dollars.
It is important to mention that this service is for removing your current bad report but doesn't grant you immunity in the future.

Improve your credit score: If you have a low score due to your low credit activity or previous defaults, and this is affecting you to request a loan or access any benefit for which you require a higher score, we can increase it for a price of $ 50 dollars.

Increase credit card limit: If you would like to have a higher limits on your credit card but it is difficult for you to access this benefit through traditional channels, we can do it for a price of $ 200 dollars. You should understand this increase is not unlimited. The amount we can increase will depend on each person, but generally we can do it up to twice the current limit.

Remember: The total price of the service will be the sum of the base price ($ 250 dollars) plus the price of whatever you want to do. If you have doubts or problems to calculate the price of the service you require, just ask us and we will give you a quote.


Before you have to pay, we will give you a proof to guarantee that we're real so you can pay with security and confidence.

When placing an order, we will attack the system where your debt or credit report is located and, once we're inside, we will write and send a message to your email directly from the database. In this way, when you receive a message from us from within the database, you will be able to verify that we have indeed achieved to hack the system and we're inside.

Logically, if we're in the database, we won't have any difficulty to do what you want, so you must proceed with the payment, and then, as soon as your payment is received, we will execute your request, either: delete your debt , remove the bad report, improve your score, or whatever you have asked us to do.

Time of delay

As soon as your order is received, we will start working on it immediately and you will be given an order number with which you can track the status of your order in real time through this link: Order Tracking. From that moment on, we will delay up to 15 hours (usually less, but this is the worse case scenario) to hack the requested system.

As soon as the system is hacked, we will send you the proof (the email message), and from that moment, you will have a maximum of 12 hours to make the payment and, as soon as your payment is received, we will immediately complete your order. However, if you delay more than 12 hours to make the payment, you will have to pay double the price of the service as a fine.

Payment method

The one and only payment method we accept is Bitcoin. If you have never used bitcoin before or don't know how it works, you can read a guide where we explain the whole process step by step. To read it, click on the following link: How to pay with Bitcoin

Don't say we didn't warn you: If this is your first time using bitcoin, you must have them prepared before requesting our service in order to avoid us working and then generate problems with the payment. Remember there's a deadline to pay after receiving the proof and that, in case of delay, you will have to pay a fine with no exception. This isn't just about preventing uncomfortable situations but also out of respect for our time and work: prepare yourself before requesting a service.

There are no more payment methods. If there were, we'd be glad to tell you, but there aren't. Insistence or questions about it are considered an insult to us and our work.

Cancel an order

Once an order has been placed, it won't be possible to cancel it. If you are not sure if you really want the service, then don't order anything yet. Don't act impulsively and irresponsibly. Relax and think if you really want it. No one is forcing you to place an order. If you do, it will be of your own free will, and you can't repent later.

There is no deadline for regret. There have been people who write to us after a few minutes of placing an order and consider that the short time that has elapsed is a valid reason to cancel it. It doesn't matter if you placed your order just a second ago, you can't cancel it anyway. Instead of placing an order and regret after a few minutes, better take those minutes to think before acting.

This rule also applies to modifications. Double check the information you send us and make sure it is correct. If you make a mistake, that is going to be your problem, and you will have to pay for it anyway.

Last details
  • The service is 100% safe and effective. It is impossible to fail.
  • If you have any questions, ask them before placing an order, not after.
  • Everything we say here is right and updated. We checked this page for the last time on: . You don't need to ask us again or reconfirm anything written in this document.

I want to place an order!

IF you still have questions or there is something you don't understand, do not place any order yet. Instead, contact with us and ask all of your questions. Your questions won't bother us.

By placing an order, you fully agree to the "Service Contract" that you have just read on this page, and declare to have enough money to pay for our service in a timely manner and that you really understand everything and have no questions or doubts.

To place an order, you must contact us via Email and tell us that you want to hire one of our hacking services. Our email address is: (you can click over it to copy the address to your clipboard).

In the message you send us by email, you must include all the following information:

  1. The identification code of this service, which is 1001235.
  2. The URL of the website of the bank, financial institution or credit agency with which you want to perform this service.
  3. Your Fullname and ID Number. The reason why we will ask you for this information is that, once inside the system, we will need to find the record that corresponds to you in order to make the pertinent alterations, and for this, we will need to know who you are.
  4. Besides that, you must explain to us in detail everything you want to do. Whether you want to clear a debt, remove a negative credit report, or anything else. Everything you want to do, you must tell us.

Upon receiving your message, we will create your order and reply to you with instructions on how to proceed further and/or your secret code, so that you can login to the order tracking area to follow-up its status in real time.

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