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Privacy is a human right and here at Pexa we will take care your data as if it were our own. For this reason, we are going to explain in this public statement how we manage such data. It will apply for all our website's visitors as well as those who contact our support team or request a hacking service.

1 Data we collect

We only collect and store in our database data that is essential for the proper performance of our website as well as for statistical analysis and security. This is limited to:

This information is stored anonymously and it is impossible to relate it to a particular user or person.
It is important to mention that we never store the IP address of any visitor nor any information that is considered sensitive or personal or that could, in any way, identify a person.

We will also store information about a visitor's permanence time on our website as well as the pages they have viewed. All these data are merely statistical and helps us determine which services are the most and least demanded, which countries visit us the most, and what type of device the people who visit us use. This way, we can make changes to our services, adapt our website to the most used devices and focus our advertising campaigns in the countries with the highest demand. Briefly explained: it helps us improve our website performance and the quality of our services, which will be reflected in a good experience for our clients.

2 Data storage

Collecting information doesn't mean storing it. Depending on each situation and the way you are using our website, we may collect some data to execute security analysis on the fly, but without storing it. In this case, your data never leaves your own browser/device.

The collected and stored data will remain on our database for a reduced period of time.
The first day of each month, we permanently delete all details and keep in place only the general statistical conclusions for the month (ie. countries that have visited us the most), which are maintained in our system for a period of 12 months.

Our next data deletion is scheduled for January 1st, 2024.

3 Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that your own browser stores on your own device. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible to keep a session started or to remember particular settings such as colors, graphic settings or languages. They are also commonly used by big companies for tracking people across websites and advertising purposes. However, this is not our case.

At Pexa we use cookies only in 4 cases that we are going to explain and detail below:

Our website is also free of third-party cookies and code, such as: Google Analytics, Facebook Plugins, Zendesk Support, and others. Every single line of code of our website has been written by us and it is managed on our own servers.

4 Contact by Telegram

Telegram is the safest communication method because it's a popular and open source app that lets us set our own end-to-end encryption algorytms, following state-of-the-art cryptographic procedures added to our own experience and particular knowledge.

All messages that are sent and received to and from our Telegram username will remain stored only as long as it is justified to store them. As soon as our support is over or we no longer receive a response from the client, we proceed to permanently delete all messages.

Telegram allows both parties to manage a conversation. This means that a customer won't need to rely on us for the removal of such a conversation as they will be able to delete any particular message or even completely erase the conversation at any given moment. We kindly request not to do this if an order is currently in progress, as we may need to check or validate any information that we may have talked or agreed through the chat.

5 Orders

When someone place an order for a hacking service with us, we will collect and store only information that is related to their order. This is limited to the order details (i.e. what the customer asked for) and a contact Telegram username, in case the client has placed the order through Telegram. We will store this information while the order is in progress. As soon as it has been completed, it won't make any sense to continue storing this information, so we will proceed to erase all records. It means that no one, not even us, will know what we did or for whom.

6 Exceptions

Our privacy policy could be void as a result of a breach of our agreement by the client. We mention this on the Deadlines and Fines page, and we reserve the right to define it at our own discretion.

Any person who is responsible and who reads the Service Contract before placing an order, making sure to understand and accept everything, won't be included in any of the exceptions, as our agreement will be fulfilled by both parties and the privacy policy will be maintained.

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