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We are open 24/7

With almost a dozen members from different countries and a few employees, at Pexa, we can guarantee there will always be someone working. We never close and never stop. No matter the day of the week, no matter the time, no matter if today is a celebration date. We are always taking orders and working. We are working right now, while you read this text.

1 Hackers

Our team is made up by hackers. All of our members are hackers. We are almost a dozen members and this is good news, becase it allows us to divide the 24 hours of the day and guarantee that there will always be at least 2 or 3 hackers at work. During peak hours, we usually reach 10 hackers working simultaneously.

However, our hackers never interact with people. If you want to talk with someone from Pexa, you will have to contact with our support team, which is something different. Below, we will explain who they are in more detail.

2 Support Team

Our support team is made up of a few employees directly hired by Pexa (no third parties involved). They aren't hackers, but it doesn't mean they can't help you with all of your questions, even the technical ones.

All of our support employees have been trained by ourselves and passed a test to make sure they can provide you with high quality support.

Even though our hackers won't reply to support requests, be assured that we always keep and eye on our employees and supervise their work. This is not a free zone where they can do whatever they want without supervision. They have strict rules to follow and a closed ecosystem to avoid data leaks. For improved security, they work in person (we don't hire employees for working remotely, not even during a pandemic), with a controlled computer, and they can only access to information provided by yourself as they don't have direct access to our database.

Like our hackers, our support team works 24 hours a day. However, you must understand that you will not always receive an immediate response, as you are probably not the only person to speak to our support team, but other customers will be talking to them as well.

To guarantee a quality service, we don't allow a support employee to establish communication with 2 people at the same time. This is why although we are active and working 24 hours a day, we ask for your patience when receiving a response. We assure you that you will receive an answer in a timely manner and that you will have our full attention when we start a conversation.

Please, note that our support team is not allowed to change our terms of service, grant discounts or reach any kind of special agreement or negotiation with you. They just can answer to your questions and take orders. That's it.

If you want to contact with our support team, kindly click on the following link: Contact Us

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