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Do's and Don'ts

At Pexa we are hackers, but it doesn't mean we are criminals. Don't get confused or misunderstand our intentions. Just to be clear, we have an ethical code that we always respect and follow, and we are going to explain everything you need to know about it on this document.

1 Hackers vs Crackers

There is a huge misinformation in the general public as to what a hacker is. This misinformation has been caused mainly by movies, TV series and books showing a lifestyle, behavior and ethics of hackers that doesn't resemble reality at all.

Hackers can be classified into 3 different types: white, gray and black hats.

At Pexa, we consider ourselves to be gray hat hackers. A healthy and intermediate balance between the black and white ones.

2 Things we don't do

Generally speaking, we aren't willing to do any type of service that may cause any type of harm, whether physical, economic or emotional, to any other person, company, institution or organization, including but not limited to:

3 Things we do

We are willing and glad to execute any type of service whose purpose is positive for our client and/or third parties, including but not limited to:

4 What about laws?

It is difficult to talk about laws because there are many variables depending on each country or even within the same country (departments, states). Many of them don't have any legal framework regarding hacking. Others may have, but they are too weak and doesn't justify the multi-million dollar expenses that a cyber investigation would require. Also, to be honest, authorities have many more important things to worry about and spend their money and resources on, such as: terrorism, drug trafficking, pedophilia, human trafficking.

Pexa is neither a police officer nor a judge, and refuses to adopt a role that doesn't correspond to it. It isn't our job to judge people or act as an authority.

Pexa isn't carrying out any activity that is considered illegal in its jurisdiction and has no obligation to respond to any external authority, as its ability to give orders is limited only to its own territorial demarcation.

As stated in our Privacy & Cookies document, privacy is a human right and above any local law or legislation in the legal and reasonable order of priority, and based on this, we don't store any information about our website's visitors or clients. We deeply regret not being able to respond or collaborate with any authority if required, not for lack of civic responsibility or contempt, but because we simply don't keep and don't have any information to provide that could be considered of interest or help.

5 Disclaimer

Pexa won't be responsible for the actions that a person may take after using its services.

We will accept any service based on the Principle of Good Faith applied to our clients who understand our ethical code and accept it. All this means we will accept any order without asking questions, as we won't interfere with the right to privacy and we rely on the Principle of Good Faith.

Once a service has been completed and delivered, it will be considered completed and there will be no record of any negotiation or contact between the client and Pexa.

Any action carried out by the client with the service once it has been delivered will be foreign to Pexa.

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