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Payment Method

Deadlines and Fines

When a client requests a hacking service with us, we will immediately start working on said order, dedicating our time and work on it. A client who, after having placed an order, refuses to comply with their payment obligation, will incur a payment default and will be subject to fines.

1 Freedom

We live in the 21st century. Today, most people in the world are free.
This means that probably no one has forced you to enter our website, but that you have come here voluntarily. Nor does anyone force you to request a hacking service, because if you don't like our website or aren't satisfied with our workflow, or for any reason our proposal doesn't satisfy you, you can simply close our website and leave. We live in freedom and nobody forces you to do anything you don't want to do.

All those people who voluntarily and in total and absolute freedom decide to hire a hacking service with us, must previously accept the Service Contract, because we're also free, and in our freedom, we have decided that if we're going to do a hacking service, it will be only under our conditions, otherwise we reject it.

2 Nothing is random

When a client place a new order with us, they know in advance how our service works, step by step and from the beginning to the end. With us, there are no hidden rules or small letters. When hiring a service, the client must accept the Service Contract. By accepting it, it is presumed that they have read it. If a person orders a service without first having the decency to read and understand how it works, then they will have no right to complain about anything later.

Everything is explained in the Service Contract, including but not limited to: how long will it take us to perform the work, what is exactly the proof we offer, what are the payment methods we accept, what is the deadline to make the payment after receiving the proof, what are the guarantees, among many other things of interest.

If a client has doubts regarding any point of the Service Contract, it is their responsibility to contact us and ask all their doubts. It will be a great pleasure for us to answer any and every questions as long as they're made before placing an order and not afterwards.

As everything is explained in extreme detail plus our support team works 24/7, we can't accept a client to tell us things like: "but I believed that...", "I supposed..." or "I thought...". There is nothing that anyone should suppose, think or believe. There is only one text called "Service Contract" that must be read.

3 Payment deadline

Pexa has a wide variety of different services, all of them with different terms and conditions. In the Service Contract of each service that, we reiterate, the client has the obligation to read, we explain, among many other things, what is the deadline that they will have to make the payment after having received the proof, and what will be the fine in case of not paying on time.

This only applies to those orders that are requested under the method of payment after proof. For orders with payment upfront, there is no deadline or fine regarding payment.

The deadlines to make the payment are of radical compliance and aren't subject to negotiation. A delay with the payment can't be justified in any way, even if it was caused by an external calamity or misfortune.

4 Privacy

We have a strict Privacy Policy that guarantees the protection of the data and information of all our clients and their orders. However, it is important to mention that in the event of a breach in any of the points of the Service Contract, including a possible payment default, said privacy policy could be canceled. Such cancellation will be subject to our absolute discretion.

5 Fines

In case of incurring a fine, its payment will be mandatory. In the case of paying for a service after the deadline without including the fine fee, Pexa won't deliver the service until the remaining fee is paid off.

The customer won't be able to request a refund, as incurring a fine and refusing to pay it won't exempt them from the responsibility of paying for the hired service or grant them the right to cancel said service.

6 Authorization

All clients requesting a hacking service with Pexa declare that they have read and understood the Deadlines and Fines to be applied in the event of payment default or delay, as well as the possible cancellation of our Privacy Policy.

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